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When Can Your Baby Have A Stuffed Animal?
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When Can Your Baby Have A Stuffed Animal?

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When Can Your Baby Have A Stuffed Animal?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, when your child is going through a significant change, or experiencing separation anxiety, as you start to teach them the value of independence, a stuffed animal can give them needed reassurance. But as comforting and calming as a stuffed animal and/or lovey can be, it's best to wait to introduce a stuffed bedtime pal after your little one celebrates their first birthday.

After your baby turns 1-year-old, states that it's fine for parents to introduce a stuffed animal to their child at bedtime, as it can help them fall asleep. Which sounds totally awesome to this tired mom. Once your child is old enough for a stuffed animal in their crib, you should select one with their child's safety in mind. If you pick a stuffed animal for your child to sleep with, the same site recommends you make sure it doesn't have buttons, hard eyes, or small detachable pieces, because they can be choking hazards. Kim West, LCSW-C of the The Sleep Lady website, agrees, and cautions parents to choose a small and soft transitional object for bedtime. As your child grows, large stuffed animals could be used as a step to help them climb out of their crib.

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